Humorens kendetegn - en filosofisk undersøgelse (B.A. project from 2000/01). Avaible online through

En undersøgelse af hvorledes samfundet kan sammenlignes med et musikensemble (Thesis from 2005). Downloadable in three seperate Word files (until I fix the problem with joining them without messing up the layout): srfmspeciale1, srfmspeciale2 and srfmspeciale3. Please note that the "bilag" is missing since these are all websites that can be examined online.

Billy Wilders filmfortællinger set i lyset af filmindustriens udvikling (one-week assignment in Film and Media History, 2003). Downloadable in Word-format here

I will be putting out more texts as soon as I can get near a workstation with a floppy disk drive.