20th: "Modeling Coordination Problems in a Music Ensemble: Some Logical and Game Theoretic Considerations". Talk by Søren R. Frimodt-Møller at the joint CMMR (Computer Music Modeling and Retrieval) / NTSMB conference Genesis of Meaning in Digital Art / Genesis of Meaning in Sound and Music. Huset i Magstræde, Copenhagen, 9.00-9.30. The conference ran from May 19th to May 23rd. Details and program at www.re-new.dk


26th: "Mod en teori om kompositionens normativitet". Short talk given by Søren R. Frimodt-Møller in connection with Session D, track 1 at the symposium Danske musikvidenskaber 2008, the 5th symposium of the Danish Music Research Society (Dansk Selskab for Musikforskning), Institut for Kunst- og Kulturvidenskaber, Center for Musikvidenskab, University of Copenhagen, 17.00-18.15. See www.musikforskning.dk for further details.

2nd: "Rethinking the Composition: Towards a Formal Theory of Ensemble Relations". Talk by Søren R. Frimodt-Møller at Perspectives on the Integration of Music Informatics, Performance and Aesthetics, Aalborg University Esbjerg, Room C113, 13.45-14.30. See http://www1.sdu.dk/kalender/kevent.php?id=5399 for further information.


8th: "The Demanding Composition: Attempting to Delimit Normative Invfluences on the Actions of the Music Ensemble". Talk by Søren R. Frimodt-Møller given at the annual meeting of the Danish Philosophical Association at SDU, Odense, room U100, 10.00-11.00.

6th: "The Compositon Understood Through the Concept of Frames". Talk given by Søren R. Frimodt-Møller at the PhD colloquium Sense Perception, Epistemology and Aesthetics, SDU, Odense, room U77, 14.45-15.30.



16th-17th: Music and Sound in Public Space. An international conference arranged by NTSMB. SDU, Esbjerg. Admission to all talks are free, but registration is required for meals and coffee (deadline November 5, 2007). See www.ntsmb.dk or www.myspace.com/ntsmb for further information.

9th-10th: Søren will be covering the first Progpower Scandinavia festival at The Rock, Copenhagen for heavymetal.dk

9th: "How do Musicians Reach an Agreement? The Ensemble as a Multi-Agent System". Presentation at the RUC-ILLC Workshop on Deontic Logic. Roskilde University. See http://akira.ruc.dk/~mamobe/deonticworkshop.html for further information.

2nd: "Meta-Python: We Interrupt this Presentation to Annoy You and Make Things Generally Irritating." Talk (given in Danish) at the second annual conference on Philosophy and Popular Culture (Filosofi og populærkultur) at Auditorium U100, SDU, Odense, kl. 14.40-15.30. See http://humaniora.sdu.dk/fps/SDU2007-foreloebigtprogram(2).pdf for further information.


25th-26th: Musikalsk betydning i improvisation og performance. The 12th National Meeting of NTSMB. The Academy of Music and Music Communication, Esbjerg. See http://www.ntsmb.dk for further details.


17th: "Common Knowledge: Tre tankeeksempler som introduktion til den epistemiske logik" - logic seminar with lecture by SRFM at SDU, Odense, lokale U27. Kl. 14.00-17.00. The seminar is normally only consulted by a handful of enthusiastic students but is quite open to the public, so join in the multiple hour fun!


2nd: "Anarkisme i praksis? Udbredelsen af musik gennem uafhængige internetradiostationer". Talk at the annual meeting of the Danish Philosophical Society (Dansk Filosofisk Selskab), RUC, Building 46, Roskilde. Kl.13.00-14.00 (in the "teorirum" in Building 46.2). The talk is part of the session "Æstetik, teknologi og populærkultur" (Aesthetics, Technology and Popular Culture). The meeting is open to the public, but registration is necessary and not free unless you are a member of DFS. Check the DFS homepage for further information (only in Danish): http://www.humaniora.sdu.dk/~dfs/



17th-18th: Music and Sound in Public Space. The 11th meeting of NTSMB at SDU in Esbjerg, Denmark. See my unofficial site on the conference here.

3rd: "Humor som livsform og livsindstilling: filosofiske problemer i Milos Formans Man On the Moon" at the conference Filosofi og populærkultur ("Philosophy and Popular Culture"), SDU Odense, lokale U100 (at the main entrance). Kl. 13.40 - 14.25. The entire conference is at the same location from 10.00 to 18.00. Admission is free. You can download the full program here.


5th: "Moving the Viewer: Studying the Interplay Between Music and Visuals in the Sexy Music Video" at Music and Erotics. The 10th meeting of NTSMB, SDU, Odense


3rd: "Samfundet sammenlignet med musikensemblet - en diskussion om styreformer" as part of the session "Filosofiske synsvinkler på film, tv og computerspil som vidensformidlere" at the annual meeting of Dansk Filosofisk Selskab (The Danish Philosophical Association), University of Copenhagen, Amager.


2nd: "Musikalske styreformer: Er dirigenten nødvendigvis diktator?" Talk given in connection with Læring og undervisningsformer i musikfaget. Course for Seminariernes Musiklærerforening (the association of music teachers at teacher's training colleges) at Askov Højskole.



18th: "Humor sammenlignet med musik: en frugtbar parallel i filosofien om humor" at Musik og humor. The 9th meeting of NTSMB. SDU, Odense.

25th: Guest teacher in a class of 3rd year music students at the teacher's training college, Frederiksberg Seminarium. The theme was the double role of the music teacher as both teacher and ensemble leader.

1st: Eksistens on DR P1 (one of the Danish national radio channels) featuring a lengthy interview with Søren. The show, "Musik og styreformer", can be heard using this link: www.dr.dk/eksistens/udsendelser

If there is anything you think Søren should be doing you can reach him here.